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Site Counter Pro is not your ordinary Free Site Counter Provider! Commercial and Personal web site operators always wonder how many visitors they are getting to their web site, but our site counter takes things a step further. With our web site counters not only do you know the amount of traffic you are getting but you also know where they came from. When you add a free site counter to your website you are also adding very detailed statistic reports! Intallation is very simple and you can browse through over 1450 different types of counters at our Site Counterarea.

Every member of Site Counter Pro has the ability to view real live web site statistics about their website at any time. Your free hit counter records things such as; where your visitors came from, what pages they visited, their entry and exit page, plus too many other details to mention. Your detailed statistics is easy to read so you will have a great knowledge about your visitors and their behaviors while on your web site. Get a Site Counter now for FREE!

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious commercial website owner you will benefit by adding a free site counter to your web site. Our counters are very attractive looking and range across several themes and most importantly adding a site counter is very simple! With over 1450 different styles you are sure to find a counter that will compliment your site nicely. To start your hunt now go look to find your perfect Free Site Counter.

100% of all web site counters are FREE for commercial or personal use with the only exception being that your website is family friendly and follow our terms of service. We do not accept any adult related web sites.


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